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Destination Wedding Photography Bucket List

Updated: May 13

a couple on an expansive beach looking longingly into the sea

Let Me Capture Your Destination Photography!

Welcome to my Bucket List! You're probably aware that us photographers as artists have dream clients. Dream locations. Dream designs. Everyday I work with amazing couples and families to capture their most precious memories. Most have pretty standard expectations for their gallery. Family portraits. Smiling friends and loved ones. Dancing and fun. I LOVE THAT. I am honored by every person who greets my camera with a smile. However, I also have a deep passion for my art that lies outside of the realm of my day to day couples. For me, that passion has led me to destination photography. It drives me to find the couple who meets my lust for adventure and quirkiness. They are the people who say, "Yeah, let's start at hike at 4am to get drone footage of us dancing in the sun rise."

In short, the fact you're here and curious as to what my dreams are makes me so happy. So thank you!

I love to give my clients the world. You are all so incredibly special to me. It's never just a "business" or a "job" at the end of the day. And if you're willing to give me the "world" so to speak, I want to provide myself and my services as much as I can so we can both achieve our dreams!

When you hire me for these destinations below, you receive MAJOR discounts. I'm talking pretty much travel fees only. Some rules and conditions apply such as an international destination I require that I arrive at least 2 days before (I do NOT want to miss your day), at least one night stay after your event, food stipends, etc. However you get major perks as well! Any pre or post wedding locations we want to take photos at - I'm there. I'm basically your bestie with a camera. You will be SWIMMING in memories of your destination wedding!!! 😍

Sooooo let's go somewhere!

Places (eligible for package discounts)


620 Loft Garden - New York

Glacier National Park, Montana

GEM Mansion - Florida

Hawaiian Islands


Santorini, Greece

Porto, Portugal

Venice, Italy

Tuscany, Italy

Paris, France


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


I also have some general "Want To Do's" as well! If you're looking for inspo to do something unique, you're in the right place! Let's talk.

Unique sessions, weddings, or elopements (package discounts or print credits)



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