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5 Steps to Wedding Planning Like a Pro

Updated: May 9

Your wedding day. We all want it to be memorable right? Nothing says, "Mission Accomplished" like a day that's gone off without a hitch. But you've never planned something like this before. Or maybe you have, and you're dreading the inevitable headache. Luckily for you, I've been to DOZENS of weddings and have seen some major Do's and Don'ts. This guide includes some of my most treasured tips that will help you start wedding planning like a pro.

a groom staring into his bride's eyes as they stand in the middle of a field

1. Decide What Planning Means to You

Have an in-depth discussion with your partner and decide who is handling what, and what are some upcoming due dates for different tasks. Are you guys going to have a wedding email that everything is linked to? Would you rather plan it 90% of the way and just get feedback on the essentials? Is this a team effort and you would like both of you to be involved the whole way? Your Photographer (hey, that's me) wants to know. Your Venue wants to know. Your Planner wants to know. This can make the planning SO MUCH SMOOTHER, and deciding early on will relieve the unspoken stress of organizing such an important day.

2. Venue First - The Rest Will Follow

You can't book a Photographer, Florist, DJ, or Caterer until you know when and where your wedding is. Keep in mind the sub-prerequisite for this is to know approximately how many people are on your guest list (if it's quaint, you can save hundreds by picking a venue to match). Many venues will also have special rates for weekdays (Friday) or Sundays. Knowing your venue first will also let you know kind of services are included, how much decorating you will want, and can even provide a general photography timeline - they'll know EXACTLY when golden hour is and from this you can back track to know when ceremony should start, arrivals, etc.

3. Invest in the Details

The bridal photos gracing your Instagram feed and Pinterest board are ALL doing the same thing - investing in the details! Speciality cocktail napkins, signs for the welcome table, personalized ANYTHING will help get you that look of a luxe bride. Bonus points if these items are readily available to your photographer at the beginning of the day. Check out my "Day of Checklist" for more information about what your photographer needs for their arrival.

Allow Yourself a Break!

We will make sure you get all your photos! But be open to breaks in your schedule. It helps give us a buffer in case we run behind for any reason, and it can give your smiles a time to recharge. A great Photographer (oh lookie it's me) will help you plan a day-of schedule that respects your sanity, but maximizes your service. If possible, you should even consider a few minutes alone with your significant other to de-stress pre-ceremony (if first looks are your thing) or a brief moment after ceremony before golden hour to soak in the day. Trust me! It's worth it!

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

The planning process is exhausting. It can be overwhelming to see what other's are doing versus what you're doing, and what your family expects of you. But seriously, who's day is it? You and your partner's. Who do we care about? Immediate family and dear friends only!!! It's so easy to get caught up in the production that you can forget why we are all gathering on this day, in this universe. It is solely because you found The One you want to spend your life with. This is a CELEBRATION: remember to have fun. :)



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