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Senior Gallery

Graduate Into Greatness

Whether you're graduating from college or high school, you're marking a step in your life where you've succeeded in something great. These accomplishments are yours and you should be so proud! Strut your stuff and celebrate a new beginning!


Seniors spend between $250-400 on their sessions.



As you join the work force and submit resumes, it's always great to have a professional headshot available for your online profiles. This can set you apart from others and showcase your professionalism. I always highly recommend setting time aside in your session for serious pictures.

Multiple Outfits

Sessions include up to two outfit changes at one location. Having multiple looks adds variation and options for you to enjoy! So bring your cap and gown, dress up, or dress down. This time is all about being able to showcase your personality!

Sports + Activites

Did you participate in band? Debate? Play on a sports team? Book a separate session to get pictures of you in your element. Show off your uniform and your achievements all at once!

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