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About Me

Kansas City's Best Photographer

Where I Started...

Hi, I'm Bryanna! You might hear me go by Bry as well.

 I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, and I have always had a passion for expression through media. At a surprisingly young age, I picked up my first camera and fell in love. I initially pursued photography as a hobby (like most), but it soon began to become something much more. I began to take many film and photography classes where I delved into the art form and found that I had a strong desire for a career in filmmaking and marketing. As soon as I graduated high school, I rushed off to study Digital Cinematography at Full Sail University in central Florida. I worked with local production houses while studying for school, and before you know it, I graduated and turned my hobby into a kick-butt career.  

I am now located in Kansas City, Missouri full time and I split my time working on commercial and corporate productions as well as with fantastic couples who want timeless memories of their unification. Both sides of my career are very dear to me and I am thrilled to continue to bring couples awesome content for years to come. 

...Where I'm Going

As Milestone KC grows, my goals will continue to align with creating magnificent works of art for my amazing clients. I would love to explore even more artistic expression through surrealism and stylized fine art sessions - take some of my self-portraits on this page for example. I love to push the boundaries of creativity!


I am looking forward to incorporating more destination couples into my portfolio. As of July 2023, I have a Portfolio Bucket List available on my blog that highlights some of the places I'd like to visit and a variety of discounts for couples who want to take me with them ;)

As the world continues to change, so will my craft and my pursuit of excellence. The visual world - however - is here to stay. With every new day and every new project, I will seek a better understanding of photography as an art form and how it relates to my expressive journey.

Bryanna (the photographer) laying down with an array of vintage cameras fanning out from her head. Her shirt says "Dream" as she smiles with a micro camera in her hand.
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