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A Wedding at Three Points

Updated: May 9

Kansas City, MO.

Each wedding I photograph is a symphony of emotions, a celebration of love, and a testament to the beauty of human connection. From the nervous laughter as the bride slips into her gown to the tender embrace between the newlyweds during their first dance, every moment is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of their love story.

As the day unfolds, I become a silent observer, navigating through the whirlwind of emotions that dance around me. I capture stolen glances between the couple, whispered promises exchanged beneath a canopy of blossoms, and the joyful tears of loved ones witnessing two souls unite as one.

The Couple's Wedding Day

Kiley and Nick share a deep love not only for each other but also for their furry companion! It was only fitting that their pup played a starring role in their wedding day, posing for photos with his humans with plenty of kisses.

Their wedding day was nothing short of magical, with the ceremony held on the rooftop of The Points overlooking the city skyline. Rain tempted to ruin the evening, but thanks to the quick-thinking and flexibility of the beautiful venue, they were able to wed in the inner room of the venue. Shortly after, the sky parted its cloudy blanket and revealed the most breathtaking light. Of course we had to grab some wedding party portraits and sneak in a second "first" kiss!

As the evening unfolded, the rooftop transformed into a scene of jubilant celebration, with friends and family dancing under the twinkling lights, their laughter echoing through the night.

In the days that followed, as I sifted through the countless images captured, I couldn't help but be reminded of the love that radiated from Sarah and David, a love that is as boundless as the sky above. Their wedding day was more than just a celebration; it was a testament to the power of love to overcome any obstacle and the beauty of two souls finding their home in each other's arms.

Locations Depicted:

Loews Hotel

Three Points

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