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Bold Kansas City Photographer

Driven by the human connection, Milestone KC elegantly captures every milestone in its most profound light.

Elegant, Beautiful, Real

So thankful Bryanna could capture this perfect day for us!! I still reminisce over our amazing photos!"

Abigail C. 

Behind the Camera

Hi! I'm your photographer - Bryanna Gordon.


I created Milestone KC back in 2019 to bring awesome photos and wedding videos to couples like yourself. It's always been a passion of mine to capture special moments so that they can be shared with each generation to come. I can't tell you how often my mom and I share old images back and forth, shed tears at the memories, and laugh hysterically at the moments when "You just had to be there."


Well, now we are the next generation, and it's our duty to capture these times and more in all their glory. So let's get to snappin'!

Introducing your photographer Bryanna Gordon
Kansas City Engaged Preferred Vendor

"I love your work! What makes you passionate about weddings specifically?"

I have yet to find another aspect of photography that I am able to invest as emotionally as I do with my wedding clients. I just love LOVE. I'm probably too invested because, like a primal animal, I would throw hands if your caterer shows up late or an uninvited guest sat in the front row. But what would you do if you spent a year alongside a couple preparing for their magical day and that happened? Exactly. We. Throw. Hands.

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