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Stylized Shoot: The Farms at Woodend Springs

The Dream

When the perfect team of vendors comes together to share a creative vision, it truly is a wonderful thing.

In September of 2023, I was discussing my dream to host a stylized shoot with a close photographer friend of mine, Whitney. I was elated to share my vision board with her and talked in great length about what kind of colors and florals I'd want to have to bring my vision to life. The next words out of her mouth were ones that would begin the turning of my creative mental wheel for the next two months: "So why don't we do this?"

My only answer was, "You're right! Let's do this."

In the following weeks we contacted our good friend Jazmyn at Hustle and Bustle Events to talk logistics and next planning steps on how to get this project off the ground. She was so helpful in gathering her favorite vendors and organizing literally everything so THANK YOU, JAZMYN!

The vendors were all in place and now it was time to find our models for our stylized shoot at The Farm at Woodend Springs. I made several posts in local photographer groups on Facebook about our vision and if any couple would want to join our endeavors. These few posts soon had us connected with Tiffani and Zach.

The Models

Tiffani and Zach are high-school sweethearts from Iowa. Their own wedding day was somewhat impromptu, as they were preparing to bring their first child into the world. During our Zoom call and preliminary texting, Tiffani shared photos of their little family and their engagement photos with me - I could not have been more excited to gift them with this wedding gallery! It felt like all the pieces were in place. I was going to be able to give them this once and a lifetime opportunity to have the gallery they thought they missed out on, while capturing my dream photos. I made them invitations for their "flat lay" with their engagement photos on them, and diligently incorporated little special details into my shot list to surprise them with.

Wardrobe: @bridalbyshl

The Venue - The Farm at Woodend Springs

Upon arriving to the venue in Bonner Springs, KS., I was instantly impressed by the modern elegance of the building. The bright white interior was chic and timeless. The golden fall leaves catching the last auburn rays of sunlight. We were here November 13, 2023, and the weather was crisp, but tolerable for outdoor images. Throughout the day the sun warmed the property nicely, so by the time golden hour arrived, we were chilled, but the energy of moving kept us comfortable.

The sun sets quite early in November, so if you are planning your wedding at this venue or any other during this time, make sure you time your day with the sun. We started golden hour portraits at about 4:00pm, with full sunset at 5:06pm, so your ceremony and family pictures should start about 3:00pm if you were to use this timeline. You do NOT want to miss this light!

a drone photo of the front of the venue with red and orange trees cresting the horizon

a decadent tablescape of hanging florals and vintage decor

Florist: @kc_bloomco

Everyone showed up and showed out during this event! I could not be more thrilled with how my first ever stylized shoot turned out. It was a LONG day, but my heart could not have been happier. The connections I was able to make, the supportive community that brought my vision to life, and the results speak volumes about the Kansas City wedding industry! If you're looking for your dream team, look no further! I'd be happy to connect you with these vendors or you can personally reach out to them via Instagram for your own event!

A Big Thanks to Our Vendor Team

Florist: @kc_bloomco

Wardrobe: @bridalbyshl

2nd Photo: @smilesbywhitney

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